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Virginia's roots in the Furniture Industry run deep into the foundations upon which our nation was built. As our forefathers first immigrated to our shores, they began settling across the great state of Virginia, creating the remarkable groundwork for the infrastructure on which our state still stands. During the Colonial Era, several major furniture makers set up shop and began a tradition of honesty, hard work, consistency and superior quality - a tradition that is still alive today. Virginia Woodcrafters is a leading custom cabinetry company located in Richmond, the heart of Virginia, which was founded on the quintessential American Dream almost 20 years ago. Integrity and Quality are the backbones of our business, and our reputation for these, as well as our excellent customer service and responsiveness, are what set us apart from our competition.We take pride in only offering the best materials on the market, sourced right here in the USA. Everything we build is made with American products and is assembled in our shop in Richmond. We never sacrifice quality for our convenience, and we only use our own installers we trust to handle every job respectfully and professionally.For us, Virginia Woodcrafters is more than just a company, it is a dedicated team of committed craftsmen with a passion for pursuing excellence. We are makers of fine custom cabinetry with keen attention to detail from the very beginning to the very end of every project. Our goal is to exceed expectations and create stunning transformations. Our goal is to leave every customer with a profound feeling of "Wow."

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